Animal Instincts Farmyard Peckers

£4.97 £6.00
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Animal Instincts Farmyard Peckers

£4.97 £6.00

A resilient and squeaking plush dog toy.

Without doubt this is Active Hound's favourite plush toy because it's pretty darn tough for a plush toy, it squeaks, our dogs love it and most of all.... it's cute!

The innards of this Animal Instincts Farmyard Pecker is a very dense and robust foam that keeps the shape of the toy. The squeaker is housed in this dense foam towards the bottom end and you'll actually need to apply quite a bit of pressure to make it squeak which is why this toy will last longer than other plush toys. 

These cheeky chaps are housed in a premium grade fabric that's soft and stitched to human grade standard. 

Our pack of terriers simply loved these Farmyard Peckers and even snuggle up top them at night on occasions. We were really impressed so this really is a staff favourite. 

Available in one size that is approximately 25cm in length.

As with all dog toys, please only purchase toys that are suitable for your pooch. Whilst this toy is considered tough, it can be beaten with persistent chewing. Always supervise your furry friend with toys.

When purchased we choose characters at random to pack in your order. This is because we receive an assorted mix of characters ourselves.