Chuckit! Erratic Balls

by Chuckit
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Ok, so you've tried a lot of balls for your pooch and just haven't found THAT ball? If the wether is good outside and the grass is reasonably firm that the Chuckit! Erratic Ball is one of the best balls you can your paws on because when the ball lands after being thrown it goes all over the place. 
The Erraitc Ball will fit in a ball thrower (except the XXL size) and can be thrown quite a distance. When it lands it'll be, well, erratic with its bounce which in turn will stimulate your pooch during fetch games. It's made from natural rubber, is hollow so it won't float but can take some serious playtime. The firmer the surface the better so long grass is not ideal. 
Available in S, M (tennis ball size), L, XL and XXL. We're the only retailer this side of the Atlantic that offers every ball size from Chuckit! You can only get S,M and L in the UK but we've got the lot.