Chuckit! Floppy Tug

by Chuckit
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For all dogs both large and small, the Chuckit! Floppy Tug is simply fantastic for playing tug with your dog. 

The Floppy Tug is made with the famous extra tough Chuckit! rubber material that we see found in the Ultra Balls with a spring like appearance and snap back motion. When tugged the Floppy Tug straightens out then recoils back to it's shape upon release.

Made from solid, natural rubber, this dog toy is a bit of a beast and is built to take on sharp teeth and powerful jaws no matter what the size of dog or even dogs! 

Both visually and mentally stimulating, the Floppy Tug certainly kept us entertained when we tested it out on our pooches. Suitable for indoor and outdoor play that is extremely easy to clean under a tap so feel free to play fetch and play tug anywhere as this'll clean up really easily.

The small size is suitable for most dogs but if your dog is a tough guy that loves nothing other than to destroy and to chew for Britain then the large might be better. 

Whilst this is a very tough toy it is not designed for prolonged chewing. Use as an owner/dog interactive tug toy and put it away once you're done playing with your pooch to prolong the life of the toy.

Although this toy is fully waterproof it will not float in water. 

Assorted colours

Small = 17cm long when stored, stretches to 45cm when tugged. Girth is 3cm.

Large = 25cm long when stored, stretches to 60cm when tugged. Girth is 5cm.