Chuckit! Max Glow Tumble Bumper

£10.79 £11.99
  • Chuckit! Max Glow Tumble Bumper - Active Hound
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Chuckit! Max Glow Tumble Bumper

£10.79 £11.99

Tug, shake, or toss the Chuckit! Max Glow Tumble Bumper dog toy in either day or nighttime. This interactive dog toy adds excitement to the game with its unique tumbling, high floating action in daylight and a bouncy block of fun in the evening when it's dark. 

Soft yet durable, your dog will love playing fetch and retrieve with the ChuckIt! Tumble Bumper dog toy on either land or water with a strong bounce and satisfying texture that glows in the dark. 

These bumpers provide pet owners with fun material combinations that appeal to a dog's shaking instincts!

  • Glows in the dark
  • Random bounce tumbling action on land
  • High-floating in water
  • High visibility
  • Easy pick up 
  • Medium is 21cm (100g)
  • Large is 25cm (190g)

    No batteries are needed to make the Max Glow Tumble Bumper glow, leave in the light for 5 minutes to get around 30 minutes of bright play time. After 30 minutes, the ball is still visible just less so than when fully charged. Shine your mobile phone torch on the ball to get some extra charge.

    1 x Chuckit! Max Glow Tumble Bumper per purchase

      PLEASE NOTE: This product is designed for owner-dog interaction during fetch games and is not a chew toy. Whilst this product can withstand biting and some chewing, we are unable to replace/refund this product if damaged by chewing.