Chuckit! Pro Launcher

by Chuckit
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The striking white shaft and colourful grip of the Chuckit Pro Launcher sets it apart from any competitor out there. Marvel at the most powerful dog ball launcher in the world. 

Gripping the ball for that little bit longer coupled with a patented shape and enforced shaft, you can really get some great distances from the Pro Launcher. 

With an ergonomic, colourful grip you can hold the launcher in a few ways when throwing the ball, unlike other cheaper throwers around. 

Available in a variety of sizes to suit everyone, there is a perfect ball launcher for you and and your dog. Let's have a quick run through which is size is and what they do:

18M 18" in length and throws medium balls hence it's name of 18M. This will throw twice further than a normal ball thrower.
25M The most powerful there is at at 25" in length, this launcher throws medium balls. Throws 3 times further than a normal ball thrower.
26L 26" in length and will throw a large ball twice as far as a normal ball thrower.
26XL This 26" long beast will throw XL balls but will achieve an impressive distance that's twice as far as a normal thrower out there.

    When purchased we choose colours at random to pack in your order. This is because we receive an assorted mix of colours ourselves. 

    The Ball Launcher you buy comes with a free tennis ball so you can start playing right from the get go. For something more durable we recommend the Ultra Balls.