Chuckit! Ultra Balls

by Chuckit
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A notoriously strong, bouncing, floating dog ball. 

We don't claim that the Chuckit! Ultra Balls last forever, nor do Chuckit! themselves but many of you do! Simply take a few moments to read the reviews below and you'll not fail to be impressed with the Ultra Ball's durability across all breeds. 

The Chuckit! Ultra Ball is a very bouncy ball that's filled with air. It has a minuscule hole in it so that the ball can be really chewed and compressed by your dog's powerful jaws only to inflate immediately. 
Made from natural rubber, this impressive dog ball will float, bounce very well and go a seriously long distance when thrown with a Chuckit! Ball Launcher. 
The  MEDIUM  size is the same size as a  TENNIS BALL  so please be careful when ordering. 
Available in S, M (tennis ball size), L, and XL. We're the only retailer this side of the Atlantic that offers every ball size from Chuckit!