EzyDog Car Seat Belt Restraint

by EzyDog
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The EzyDog Car Seat Belt Restraint is a simple device that's designed to keep your dog in one spot whilst you're driving. This product is ideal for those summer holidays, perhaps when you've got the kids in tow as well or if you drive a lot with your dog. The Dog Car Seat Belt will prevent you from getting distracted whilst driving and rather sobering, it could therefore save your life. 

This seat belt type product can attach to any dog harness via a simple but sturdy clip. The actual car seat belt weaves through the EzDog Restraint keeping your pooch still. The Car Restraint is made from super strong webbing (the same as human car seat belts) and will fit any car's seat belt. Unlike the EzyDog Click Car Restraint, this is quite simpler as it will keep your dog fixed to one position in your car. 

Whilst the EzyDog Car Seat Belt Restraint won't be full proof in the unfortunate event of an accident, it will help to prevent accidents because you'll be far less distracted when driving and you won't be looking around the car telling Fido to 'get down!'.