EzyDog Click Car Restraint

by EzyDog
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Put simply, the EzyDog Click Car Restraint is a seatbelt for dogs so that they (and you) can stay safe whilst travelling in the car. 

The aim of this product is to keep your dog tethered to a small area of your car so that they're not roaming all over the car distracting you. It's also UK law to keep your dog(s) restrained in transit. 

This seatbelt type product can attach to any dog harness, is made from super strong webbing (the same as human car seat belts) and can be adjusted to fit tiny to giant breeds of dogs and will fit almost any car. You decide how much roaming space to give your dog.

Whilst the Click Car Restraint won't be full proof in the unfortunate event of an accident, it will help to prevent accidents because you'll be far less distracted when driving and you won't be looking around the car telling Fido to 'get down!'. 

NOTE: Sadly, this model will not fit your car if you own a Volvo but all other makes and models should be A-OK.