EzyDog Doo Bag

by EzyDog
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The Australians have a funny way of naming things and the Doo Bag is no exception! The EzyDog Doo Bag can carry your empty pooh bags, keys and/or mobile phone all in one pouch that connects to your EzyDog lead or perhaps your belt. Never get left red faced again by forgetting your pooh bags! 

There are 3 pockets inside the Doo Bag - the largest pocket can house an Apple iphone with room to spare. Use the other two pockets for pooh bags and or whatever else is suitable, perhaps a small pack of treats. There's a plastic clip in which you can attach the Doo Bag to an EzyDog lead, or something else. The velcro straps on the back attach to the dog lead keeping the Doo Bag stable.

The bag is 14cm in length and about 9cm in width.

Doo Bag Diagram