EzyDog Drive Car Harness

by EzyDog

  • EzyDog Drive Car Harness
  • EzyDog Drive Car Harness
  • EzyDog Drive Car Harness
  • EzyDog Drive Car Harness

EzyDog Drive Car Harness

by EzyDog

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A robust, crash tested car harness.

The EzyDog Drive Car Harness is only one of two crash tested dog harnesses on the market that we know of and we think this is the very best out there. The only other crash tested car harness is here

Keep Fido safely secured when you're driving but never fear as you can also use this harness for pitstops outside when you need to give him a toilet break.

EzyDog Drive Car Harness features


Tested to internationally recognised standards such as the 

Australia (ADR69/00), Europe (ECE Regulation 16) and USA (FMVSS 213) safety regulations.

With built in Mag-Loktechnology this harness is a cinch to put on and take off yet is super secure. Simply get the fit right once with your dog and then it's just a case of putting on and taking off. 

  • Crash tested, passed and certified
  • Quick, one-time fit
  • Double D-Rings for lead attachment
  • Mag-Lok™ Instant Fit closure system
  • Ergonomic, moulded chest plate 

Available in Small, Medium and Large.

Size Chest
S 28-64cm
M 38-86cm
L 49-106cm

Sizing Diagram EzyDog Harness


  1. Make sure your dog is standing upright and you have your tape measure handy.
  2. The chest (1) measurement should be taken from just behind your dog's front legs. Wrap the tape measure all the way around your dog's chest. We recommend adding a few fingers for comfort.
  3. At the very base of the neck (2) and NOT the collar area, wrap the tape measure around your dog's neck in a complete circle allowing for plenty of wriggle room. 
  4. Now we need to measure your dog's weight (3) in kilograms (kg) and this so we know the harness size selected can take the load. 


    1. Your dog fits more than one size? More than one harness may well fit your dog but pay close attention to your dog's weight as this could immediately rule him our of a smaller size.
    2. If your pooch is still between sizes, opt for the harness that will offer the most comfortable fit rather than a size that is just enough. 
    3. A simple trick for to measure Fido's weight is to weigh yourself only, on the bathroom scales and take down the reading - make sure to measure in kg. Then pick Fido up and stand on the scales together. Simply subtract your original weight from this combined weight to reveal Fido's weight. 
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