EzyDog Handy Leash

£16.75 £21.00
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EzyDog Handy Leash

£16.75 £21.00

Ezydog's Handy Leash is a simply invention to walk your dog under close control or for going jogging. Worn a bit like a glove, this unique dog lead is superb and giving you your hand back!

Available in two sizes to suit you so choose the 15" size for close control of a larger breed. If you have a smaller dog or simply wish to give your larger dog more room to roam as you walk or jog, go for the 48" size.

The 15" size has a super strong carabineer clip the lead can take 500kg of pressure from your dog.

Apart from being longer, the 48" size has room for some zero shock effect and also for a traffic handle.

The universally fitting handle can be adjusted for the perfect fit. Below the handle is a toughen plastic ring for you to clip accessories to such as pooh bags or a water bottle.

Complete with EzyDog's trademark soft webbing and reflective trim, you're all set to go walking of running with your dog.

The EzyDog Handy Leash is ideal for walkers both young and old alike because the lead is super for active owners who like to jog with their pooch and great for those that struggle with mobility and stiffness.

In the winter months you can even put your hand in your pocket to keep warm whilst also being attached to your Handy Leash. 

Available in Black and Red.