EzyDog SnakPak Pro Treat Bag

by EzyDog
Save 17%

This EzyDog SnakPak Pro Treat Bag holds an extra 100ml of treats than its predecessor, the standard SnakPak and has a poop bag dispenser making walking your pooch that little bit easier. 

The main treat pouch holds 750ml of treats and is sealed with the twin magnetic open/close system. At the front of the pouch you can pop any accessories such as a phone or your keys into a waterproof zipper and you can make use of the zipper pouch on the side of what is a thicker belt too. 

Inside the treat pouch is a welded rubberised material that can be popped out for thorough cleaning so even the smelliest residue from dog treats can be removed. 

Available on one colour (black) and one belt size (57-142cm). The treat pouch itself is 170mm x 150mm.