EzyDog Vario 6 Dog Lead

£21.05 £24.77
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EzyDog Vario 6 Dog Lead

£21.05 £24.77

The EzyDog Vario 6 is probably the most versatile dog lead on the market because it has 6 functions to just one lead.

The Vario 6 comes in 3 sizes so let us explain first to avoid confusion. There 'Standard' (dogs weighing 20kg+), there's 'Lite' (dogs weighing under 20kg) and there a Vario 6 with a Carabiner Clip (super strong clip for added security and piece of mind).

The Vario 6 get's its name because it has 6 key functions. Here's what this stunning dog lead does:

  1. At full stretch it's a 160cm lead that's great for training or casual walking. 
  2. Reduce the lead length to a 100cm traffic lead in seconds.
  3. Wraps around your chest diagonally so you can walk or jog hands free.
  4. Can be made into a dual lead for 2 dogs.
  5. The option is there to create a long tether for the garden, is the postman calling any minute?
  6. There's the option to create a smaller tether, perhaps when you're popping into the bank?


If you're ever worried about the strength of a dog lead clip then you may wish to consider the Vario 6 with a Carabiner Clip. It swivels and can take loads of 500kg that also has a solid lock built into the clip for added security. A great addition for those that own giant breeds and powerful dogs. The Carabiner Clip Lead is available in Black and Red only. 

As you'd expect from EzyDog, the Vario is made from soft yet rugged nylon webbing that's built to take the strain. Coupled with stainless steel D-rings and a reflective trim, you've got a classy and very practical lead to use with your dog. 

The 'Standard' Vario 6 Leads are available in Black, Blaze Orange, Blue, Chocolate, Red and Green Camo. 

The Carabiner Leads are available in Blackand Red only. 

Size Guide

Standard = 2.5cm width for dogs weighing over 20kg

Carabiner Clip Vario = 2.5cm width for dog weighing over 20kg. Super strength carabiner clip for your piece of mind and security.