Gundog Lanyards Key Fob

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Gundog Lanyards Key Fob


Each stunning Gundog Key Fob you see before you has been handmade by Corinna at Gundog Lanyards. Made from the same extra tough paracord and stylish colours, simply can attach the Key Fob to your existing lanyard for extra length or use it to clip on to other accessories.

With a hardy double ring to attach to your existing lanyard, trousers, treat bag or even a handbag, you can then clip something else on to the lobster clip such as a toy, treat bag or even your house keys. For example, the lady of our house (Lucy), uses the Neon Pink & Purple Key Fob attached to her handbag to carry her keys. Zak (the boss) uses his Hiviz Orange & Grey Key Fob on his trousers to carry pooh bags. 

Each Key Fob is is about 7" (18cm) from top to bottom and can clip on to almost anything. That's about the size of your hand from your wrist to your fingertips. 

Available in a range of colours suitable for men and women:

  • Grey & Light Grey
  • Hiviz Green & Hunter Green
  • Hiviz Orange & Grey
  • Neon Pink & Purple
  • Purple & Black

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