Hurtta Comfort Knit

by Hurtta

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  • Hurtta Comfort Knit - Active Hound
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Hurtta Comfort Knit

by Hurtta

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A stunning, high grade, dog jumper for both indoor and outdoor use. Exclusive to Active Hound in the UK.

Beautifully crafted from thick wool and flexible acrylic material, the Comfort Knit is designed for most dog breeds and all coat types. This garment is a great heat insulator and is particularly effective for short coated dogs or dogs with no undercoat. However, owners that need to provide some extra heat for long coated breeds will also find a winner in the Comfort Knit.

Perfect for those chilly winter walks and fresh spring mornings, the Comfort Knit protects all of your dog's vital muscle groups such as the neck and abdominal area. The legs are intentionally short as not to hamper movement but also to concentrate heat in the vital areas of your dog's body.

This thick but flexible woollen shell is soundless when in motion and is designed to move in unison with your dog's movements. Made from breathable and cellular materials, the Comfort Knit will evaporate excess heat aiding your dog to maintain an even body temperature when active. There's also a handy drawstring around the neck for a comfier fit. 

The Comfort Knit can be cleaned in a washing machine. Simply turn the garment inside out and place on a gentle wash but to improve longevity of your Comfort Knit it's always best to hand wash. 

This is a special product that is limited in quantity in the UK. As such only the most popular sizes have been manufactured by Hurtta, for supply to Active Hound.

Try our Size Guide
(Guide sizing only. Please ensure to measure your dog before purchase)
Size Back Length Chest Max Neck
20S 18-23cm 25-32cm 28
25S 24-28cm 28-36cm 30
25M 24-28cm 28-36cm 30
30XS 29-33cm 28-38cm 36
30S 29-33cm 30-46cm 32
30M 29-33cm 35-50cm 36
30L 29-33cm 32-44cm 30
35S 34-38cm 40-54cm 40
35M 34-38cm 45-60cm 42
40XS 39-43cm 30-46cm 38
40M 39-43cm 43-58cm 42
45XS 44-48cm 35-50cm 42
45M 44-48cm 45-60cm 50
50M 49-53cm 55-70cm 56
55M 54-58cm 60-76cm 56

Sizing Diagram for a Hurtta Comfort Knit


  1. Make sure your dog is standing then measure your dog's back length (1) from the withers (right between the shoulder blades) all the way down to the base of the tail (where it connects to the spine).
  2. The chest (2) measurement should be taken from just behind your dog's front legs. Wrap the tape measure all the way around your dog's chest. 
  3. Wrap the tape measure around the your dog's neck (3) as if it were a collar. Then move the tape measure to the very base of your dog's neck for the widest reading. 


    1. You should not measure any part of the neck or the tail in your back length measurement. 
    2. A snug fit is a good fit. However this isn't always possible so look for the snuggest fit possible.
    3. Between sizes? The odds are the size down is the right jacket to go for and NOT the size up. 
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