Hurtta Extreme Warmer

by Hurtta

A tough, waterproof winter dog jacket.

The Hurtta Extreme Warmer is a highly technical jacket designed to keep Fido warm and dry from the elements outside and is more warming than the lighter Summit Parka

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Perhaps the toughest shell material we've seen from Hurtta so far, the outer shell is a strong polyester cut that is finely manufactured to reduce the chances of irritating nicks and rips.

Coated in Hurtta's very own patented HoundTex® protective layer, the shell keeps out water and eliminates moisture from inside the jacket making this garment breathable. 

A beautifully soft polyester inner lining is decorated in dazzling foil pattern that deflects heat waves back on to your dog aiding Fido's body temperature in cold conditions. 

At the front the the Extreme Warmer there's an inner neck piece for added comfort and warmth. Both this and the neck can be adjusted to really keep your dog warm this winter.

The rear of the jacket sees a further adjustment cord just like the Summit Parka, to help reduce the back length a shade and to keep the pooch well covered. Buttons at the rear can be fastened if it is particularly cold or raining but do keep them undone for standard walking to avoid toilet accidents!

Hurtta's Extreme Warmer is available from sizes 25 to 65 and come with an opening for a 'lead to harness' connection. The size 25 however has a built in harness so you can connect a lead up straight away without needing to put a harness on your dog underneath the jacket.