Hurtta Lifeguard Life Jacket (0-5kg - Yellow/Black)

£17.50 £56.99
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Hurtta Lifeguard Life Jacket (0-5kg - Yellow/Black)

£17.50 £56.99

The Hurtta Lifeguard Life Jacket will not only keep your dog safe in water and highly visible but will make your pooch look super cool come Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter!

Hurtta had the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health test this life jacket in their lab and it passed with flying colours. Perhaps thats why the life jacket is so vibrant? Designed with every dog in mind there's adjustable belts around the belly area and another adjustable strap under the neckline which means just about every dog can fit into this beautiful jacket with ease. 

Ok so your dog will look pretty cool in the water but worry not, you'll be able to lift your dog out of the water with the heavy duty handle placed conveniently on the back for you. The jacket's underbelly is the unsung hero of this jacket - why you ask? Because the protective padding is designed to keep your dog well balanced in water at all times so they'll be no capsizing me hearties!

Finally, the life jacket's fabric is filled with 3M reflectors that help keep your dog seen in the dark but also during the day when the sun beats down on him.

Stay safe when swimming indoors or outdoors, training, or even in the hydrotherapy pool.

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