Hurtta Boots

by Hurtta

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  • Hurtta Outback Boots - Active Hound
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Hurtta Boots

by Hurtta

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Hurtta Outback Boots are exceedingly high quality dog boots designed especially for active dogs when out exercising on rugged surfaces that pose an injury risk.

Additionally, in summer Hurtta's new concept can be used to protect your pooch from hot pavements and hot road surfaces.

We've all been there at some stage when our furry little friends have sustained injuries to their paws such as cuts, scrapes and cracked skin or broken claws but by having high grade footwear on your dog's precious paws such injuries can be prevented which offers both you and your dog confidence when in the great outdoors. 

This ergonomic, grippy and cosy design makes these Dog Boots ideal for simple walks in the park or for demanding use such as trekking up a rocky mountain. With strong yet flexible rubber soles and a waterproof Houndtex® coated soft shell your dog's paws will be well protected from the elements, road salt and hazards that cause injury and soreness to your dog.

Nothing is more frustrating for your dog than breaking a claw or cutting a pad as it means he'll be resting for the next week until his paw heals - well now you can do something to stop this from happening.  

When the weather is awful outside you can even quickly slip these beauties on your pooch and go outside without your dog's paws getting all wet and muddy.

Available in Granite and are machine washable. 

Size Paw Width
S up to 3cm
M up to 5cm
L up to 6cm
XL up to 6.5cm
XXL up to 7.5cm

How to measure a dog's paw


  1. Stand your dog upright and on a firm surface.
  2. Place a piece of paper or card underneath the paw you'd like to measure.
  3. Take a pencil and mark a point either side of your dog's paw where it is widest.
  4. Choose a size based on this measurement. 


  1. Between sizes? The odds are the size down is the right boot(s) to go for and NOT the size up. 
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