Hurtta Outdoors Frost Jacket (Birch Size 70)

by Hurtta
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A close fitting and hardy jacket designed to keep the frost, wind and rain out. Available in Birch (size 70) only.

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The Hurtta Frost Jacket is probably the neatest looking jacket on any dog and as such it was the first Hurtta jacket we bought for our dog, Izzy AKA 'The Hun'. This jacket is great for walks in windy and chilly locations when you really need to keep your pooch warm.

Like human grade protective clothing, this jacket will insulate your dog and is particularly effective for short coated dogs that don't have bundles of fur to keep them toasty. This soft shell design is almost silent when your dog is on the prowl so there's little friction noise but best of all he'll feel very comfy in it.

The Frost Jacket is designed to keep your dog's vital muscle groups well protected from the chill of the wind and low temperatures with added protection over the neck and abdomen - an area that many coats on the market neglect. With an adjustable waistline, collar and neckline you've got total control over the fitting of this premium grade jacket. Due to its fit and adjustable components, the Frost Jacket will stay in place during rigorous exercise and boisterous play sessions. 

In case you're wondering the zipper has a waterproof coating on both sides of the jacket so no water can creep in and an added benefit is the opening around the collar area so you can slip your leash in to attach to a collar or harness. Like all Hurtta jackets the 3M reflectors keep your pooch safe in twilight or the dark.

The material of the Frost Jacket has a tough shell that is very wether durable making it ideal for demanding weather conditions. The Frost Jacket cannot withstand chewing, sharp manmade objects such as barbed wire but it is suitable for woodland walks.

Available in Birch (size 70) only.