Hurtta Padded Collar

by Hurtta

A well padded, secure, quick drying dog collar.

Beautifully soft yet rugged the Hurtta Outdoors Padded Collar is perfect for general use with your dog as well as active adventures in the sea or in the woods.

Click the size guide for measuring instructions and to see the size chart.

The soft, padded area of the dog collar is made from neoprene which is the same material wetsuits are made from. This makes this Hurtta Collar quick to dry and reduces rubbing to your dog's neck. 

To attach the collar to your dog you simply weave the collar's clip through the solid steel ring and click it in.

As the steel ring is not part of the clip mechanism no load stress is ever placed on the clip itself therefore the collar is exceedingly unlikely to break loose unlike conventional collars.

Covered in 3M reflectors, your dog will be highly visibly in low light conditions when light is shone on him such as from car lights.

Check out the 'size chart', 'how to measure' guide and the image 'gallery' further down this page. Additionally do make use of our Size Guide Tool below to help you get in the right ballpark measuring wise. 

Available in  Raven,  Cherry  and  Juniper