Hurtta Outdoors Ultimate Warmer

£25.00 £79.99
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Hurtta Outdoors Ultimate Warmer

£25.00 £79.99


The most warming, insulated and waterproof of Hurtta's dog coats that is designed for very cold weather, dogs that are exposed to the elements for long periods and for dogs with joint problems.

The Hurtta Ultimate Warmer - need we say more on the topic? If you live in a cold climate or the weather isn't too great this winter, then you may well wish to consider the 'ultimate' winter coat designed by the masters of canine clothing, Hurtta. 

Light to the touch but heavily insulated with intricate and sophisticated padding throughout, the Ultimate Warmer smothers your dog's figure in warm and soft material that's incredibly rugged and built for heavy outdoor usage. Designed with working dogs in mind, this jacket moves with the contours of your dog's body protecting his vital organs around his chest, neck and abdominal area. A fantastic choice for dogs that spend lots of time outdoors or enjoy long walks. 

Laminated in Hurtta's patented Houndtex coating, the jacket is waterproof yet breathable and is made from ripstop material aiding longevity. Dripping in 3M reflectors your pooch can't fail to be spotted in low light conditions or if the weather turns ghastly on you. If it's particularly windy outside, you can button down the rear under his tail to encourage heat retention in the bitter cold.

Complete with excellent neck coverage and an opening for your lead to attach to his harness, you and your dog are ready to take on the elements for as Hurtta's motto goes, 'fear no weather'.

The material of the Ultimate Warmer is beautifully soft, light and is very wether durable making it ideal for demanding weather conditions in both rain and snow. The Ultimate Warmer cannot withstand chewing, sharp manmade objects such as barbed wire or nicks from dense woodland such as brambles or rogue tree branches so do keep this in mind when choosing your walks. 

Available in Granite, Birch and Raspberry.