Hurtta Slush Combat Suit (20S Size - Granite/Raspberry)

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  • Hurtta Slush Combat Suit (20S Size - Granite/Raspberry)

Hurtta Slush Combat Suit (20S Size - Granite/Raspberry)

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A light, waterproof shell suit to protect rain and mud from sticking to your dogs fur coat. Ideal for walks and shows.

The Hurtta Outdoors Slush Combat Suit is remarkably light, allowing for more agile movement during exercise. The fit of the Slush Combat Suit is much improved to its predecessor, the Hurtta Overall. We think the best improvement to this latest model is the new fabric that is 'silent' when in motion so there's very little friction sound when your dog is on the move.

Hurtta's slush proof invention is made from high-grade outdoor fabric that you'd expect to find on a high quality all weather human jacket. The jacket provides unrivalled effectiveness and protection against mother nature's elements. Water, mud and dirt are no match for the Hurtta Slush Combat Suit so quite frankly, do your worst!  

The purpose of the Slush is to protect the dog's fur and skin from the elements and muck, particularly advantageous for long-haired dogs during walks so that the dog does not need to be washed too often in wet weather. However short haired dogs can benefit too when the weather outside is atrocious and the ground is muddy. 

During walks in the city, the garment protects the dog’s fur from nasty road salt and traffic-related grime keeping your dog's fur and skin clean, hygienic and dry.

The fabric of the Slush Combat Suit is laminated with Hurtta's patented, breathable and yet waterproof Houndtex® lining, which ensures that any murky humidity stays outside the slush suit while being comfortable to wear, for the dog that is. 

Hurtta have poured millions of Euros into their stunning dog jackets and this highly technical Slush Combat Suit features many details that increase comfort and safety for your dog. Thanks to its adjustable collar, legs and waistband, it is easy for your dog work, rest and play whilst wearing the suit. 

Stylish 3M reflector prints have been placed in all the obvious areas of the suit to improve the dog’s visibility during walks in twilight and the dark.

Hurtta's Slush Combat Suit is designed for owners that despise having to mop down their dogs after a wet walk but also for those owners that love action but like to keep their dogs clean and warm from the elements.

The material of the Combat Slush Suit is beautifully soft and very wether durable making it ideal for demanding weather conditions and thick mud. The Slush Suit cannot withstand chewing, rough play, sharp manmade objects such as barbed wire or nicks from dense woodland such as brambles or rogue tree branches so do keep this in mind when choosing your walks. 

Like all Hurtta products, the Slush is guaranteed against product faults such as broken zips, drawstrings and poor workmanship but not against wear and tear such as rips in the fabric as only sharp objects or teeth can cause rips!  

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