Hurtta Torrent Coat (Limited Edition Colours)

by Hurtta

£25.00 £63.99
  • Hurtta Torrent Coat (Limited Edition Colours)
  • Hurtta Torrent Coat (Limited Edition Colours)
  • Hurtta Torrent Coat - Active Hound
 - 4
  • Hurtta Torrent Coat - Active Hound
 - 9
  • Hurtta Torrent Coat - Active Hound
 - 10
  • Hurtta Torrent Coat - Active Hound
 - 12
  • Hurtta Torrent Coat - Active Hound
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  • Hurtta Torrent Coat (Limited Edition Colours)
  • Hurtta Torrent Coat (Limited Edition Colours)

Hurtta Torrent Coat (Limited Edition Colours)

by Hurtta

£25.00 £63.99
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An all year round, dog rain coat with an opening for a harness.

Designed for demanding weather conditions in the outdoors, the Hurtta Torrent Coat is a hardy and durable rain coat for dogs that's up to the task for an active hound. 

The inside of the coat has a breathable mesh lining making it very comfortable for your dog throughout the seasons of the year because it's comfy and expels moisture. The exterior shell is coated with Hurtta's patented and waterproof Houndtex layer preventing the slightest drop of water reaching your dog's back. The shell is lathered in stylish 3M reflectors so the pooch can be spotted in low light conditions. 

There's a high collar for particularly cold or very raining walks that can also be rolled back if required, the collar area can be adjusted as can the belt that fits around the waist. Overall the Torrent Coat is far easy to clean and dry than a wet dog!

The Torrent's rear can be buttoned under the tail when the weather suddenly turns on you and you need to keep Fido well protected from the elements but keep these unbuttoned for your normal walks to avoid toilet accidents. 

If required you can also machine wash this coat but Active Hound always recommend hand washing to prolong the life of your beautiful canine products. 

    The material of the Torrent Coat has a very light and pretty tough shell that is very weather durable making it ideal for demanding weather conditions. The Torrent Coat cannot withstand chewing, sharp man-made objects such as barbed wire but it is suitable for woodland walks.

    This Torrent coat has two widely available colours which are Raven and Cherry (see normal listing here) but the two colours on offer in this listing are Fern green (select sizes) and Orange Sun (select sizes).

      •   Try our Size Guide 

      Size Back Length Chest
      20 17-23cm 30-45cm
      25 24-28cm 45-55cm
      30 29-33cm 45-57cm
      35 34-38cm 55-70cm
      40 39-43cm 55-73cm
      45 44-48cm 60-80cm
      50 49-53cm 70-90cm
      55 54-58cm 70-93cm
      60 59-63cm 70-93cm
      65 64-68cm 80-104cm
      70 69-75cm 80-106cm
      80 76-85cm 85-112cm
      90 86-95cm 90-115cm



      1. Make sure your dog is standing then measure your dog's back length (1) from the withers (right between the shoulder blades) all the way down to the base of the tail (where it connects to the spine).
      2. The chest (2) measurement should be taken from just behind your dog's front legs. Wrap the tape measure all the way around your dog's chest. We recommend adding a further 5-20cm (tiny to large breeds) to this measurement to allow for unimpeded movement.


      1. You should not measure any part of the neck or the tail in your back length measurement. 
      2. Between sizes? The odds are the size down is the right jacket to go for and NOT the size up. 
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