Pet Munchies Dog Training Treats

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100% Natural Meaty Dog Treats

What better way to train and/or treat your active hound than with these 100% natural dog training treats from Pet Munchies.

Premium, gourmet and tasty they are made from only the finest ingredients and make the perfect training aid.

Exquisitely baked to perfection in their own natural juices, they are naturally low in fat and wheat, soya and also gluten free.

Available in Chicken, Duck, Liver & Chicken and finally there's Sushi.

  • Naturally low in fat
  • Wheat, Soya and Gluten free
  • 100% Natural: Quality Real Chicken Breast, Oily Fish, Beef and Venison
  • No Artificial Additives or Preservatives
  • 50g Re-Sealable Bag