Pet Munchies Salmon Chews

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100% Natural Wild Gourmet Salmon Treats

These delicious treats are made from 100% Natural Quality Wild Salmon skins which make the ultimate super healthy chew for dogs.

They are suitable for dogs of all sizes and have a durable texture that is designed to encourage chewing to help remove plaque.

If all that wasn't enough Salmon is a rich source of vitamins and minerals including Omega 3 & 6 and selenium. 

  • 100% Salmon Skins.
  • Salmon hide that's delicious and easily digestible
  • Low in fat and naturally hypoallergenic
  • Wheat, Soya and Gluten free
  • Promotes Optimal Brain and Eye Function
  • Good for Teeth
  • Maintains Healthy Skin, Joints and Coat

Available in 2 sizes:

Medium = 90g consisting of 3 x Dental Chews
Large = 125g consisting of 2 x Dental Chews