Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Old Soul Ball

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Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Old Soul Ball


The same tough Orbee ball but for older, more senior dogs. 

The Planet Dog Orbee Old Soul Ball uses a slightly different blend of the world famous Orbee material to address issues seen in older dogs.

Planet Dog's special 'Old Soul' compound is designed to cater for dogs with weaker jaw muscles and brittle teeth, issues commonly seen in the senior years. So the ball is more pliable than the standard Orbee ball. 

However there's extra delicious mint infused into the ball as older dogs tend to lose a little 'smell power' as they get older. Additionally, older dogs see contrasting colours much more easily so Planet Dog have a swish blue on grey design.

Fab to have around the house or for fetch games. This makes for a good chew toy to help keep teeth and gum healthy. 

Comes in assorted colours and 2 sizes:

S = 2.25" in diameter
M = 3.25" in diameter
L = 4.25" in diameter