Zealandia Veal Ribbies Treats


Zealandia's Ribbies are prime pieces of New Zealand veal spare ribs that's been air dried until tasty perfection has been achieved in one bag of canine goodness.


Like all of Zealandia's treat range, Ribbies will help remove plaque and tartar build-up on your dog’s teeth by giving a dental-floss like action when chewed. Plus they are easily digestible, and taste amazing! 


Made from ethically sourced New Zealand veal which is an excellent alternative to other origins and calf rearing methods. Zealandia treats are 100% Natural, containing no additives, vaccines or growth hormones.


Each bag contains 150g of delicious Ribbies.


Typical Analysis:
Protein: 58.0g 
Fat SBR: 8.6g 
Moisture: 8.8g 
Ash: 22.6g 
Fibre: 2.0g